Great, great, great granny of Binibeca, Joanetta

Great, great, great ( you get the picture) granny of Binibeca, Joanetta, proving that not even cats can multi task. I noticed yesterday that she was clicking her teeth when eating and pawing at her face. So I took her to vet last night. The…

My Little Friend Lulu

My little friend Lulu. Such a brave little cat. She came to me as a kitten at Christmas 2017. Someone called to say a kitten had arrived at their house with bad eyes. I said they should take her to a vet but they were going away and said…

New Kid on The Block

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Well new kid on the block, Harvey Mercadal was allowed out on his own this morning.  He disappeared over the wall into the jungle that is next doors garden. Hmm I thought , probably be 24 to 36 hours before he decides that his new…

LONDON MARATHON / celebrating 20 years of Cat in Need Menorca

No words can express how overwhelmed and grateful we are to Helen and to all the very kind and generous people who sponsored her.  So far Helen has raised 2027 pounds in sponsorship plus Gift Aid of nearly 400 pounds. And I am so pleased…

Living with a wild thing

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Catching the cazy wild thing Poorly feet as he was first called lived in Sa Roca Forrest and was fed with other cats at the Buddhist temple. He was completely wild and  untouchable. One day I noticed he was limping, his fur was matted and…

Now it’s officially winter

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Now it’s officially winter. It’s cold and Harry, one of our amputees has remembered his place from last winter.  More importantly he has remembered to trust me to stroke him and with BOTH hands. I can’t get near him when he’s outside. …

It’s just a year since she came into my life

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It’s just a year since she came into my life - Litte Lulu- as I call her. She was just a baby, about 12 weeks old, friendly and looking for love. Had she had a home and got lost? The problem was she had a virus which affected both eyes. I…

Little Lulu

And she’s home. Little Lulu having a last cuddle with her Vet. Operation successful and home now for lots of treats and love. For those of you who don’t know Lulu is blind in both eyes. She had a virus as a kitten. On Monday night she…

Carpark Kitten

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Barney and Marpa now have a loving home waiting for them in the UK. Preparations are underway for their safe journey.