Now it’s officially winter Meet Harry

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Now it’s officially winter.

It’s cold and Harry, one of our amputees has remembered his place from last winter.  More importantly he has remembered to trust me to stroke him and with BOTH hands. I can’t get near him when he’s outside.  When he was about 5 months old he was hit by a car and his front right leg was a mess.

He was missing for a few days. We found him by the smell. His leg was full of maggots. But luckily they were all in the outside.

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Ahora si es oficial. Es invierno. Como lo sé? 
Porque Harry entra en casa. 
En verano se queda fuera. 
Es muy esquivo. 
Tuvimos que amputarle una pata después de un atropello. 
Cuando está en la mesa en la cocina se deja acariciar.