LONDON MARATHON / celebrating 20 years of Cat in Need Menorca


No words can express how overwhelmed and grateful we are to Helen and to all the very kind and generous people who sponsored her. 

So far Helen has raised 2027 pounds in sponsorship plus Gift Aid of nearly 400 pounds. And I am so pleased that people are still donating. 

I hope that Helen is feeling very proud.

To celebrate our 20th year of Cats in Need Menorca, Helen McGuinness is doing something incredible … running the London Marathon!

This iconic marathon takes time, training and hard physical endurance. We are so proud of Helen and touched by her commitment to raising awareness and funds for Cats in Need Menorca.

Sponsoring Helen is the best turbo boost we can give her. Please help us show our support by raising as much as we can. You can donate as little as £1.

Helen Says “The Words cannot express and would be inadequate to describe my gratitude to all those who have been so generous in sponsoring me to run the London marathon for Cat’s in Need, Menorca. So thank you to everyone who has sponsored me.”

The race takes place on Sunday, 28 April 2019. To Sponsor click on the link below: