It all began with just one cat, a ginger tom called Zacky who came to live with us when his owners went to start a new life in Canada. I had wanted a Labrador, or even 2 but my late husband, Eddy, famously said “Let´s have a cat, they are less trouble” Zak was followed by Oscar, a tabby and white kitten who had a tight chain around his neck which was getting tighter by the day.  Then came the first rescue cat, a tabby kitten called Barney who was living alone in the cellar of an abandoned house in Mahon. I saw her sunbathing in the mid afternoon sun when all was quiet. She was followed by a Tortoiseshell with a broken leg who I was feeding in another cellar in Es Castell. She disappeared for a few days and later turned up with a broken jaw, off she went to the Vet, where a very crude solution was given to her jaw, a figure of 8 in wire which she removed within the week – the first cat I fed by syringe.