The face that says so much. He and many others are the reason that our small group of volunteers go out every day, or more usually night when it’s dark, to feed street cats.  They have the worst life of all the ferals of Menorca. He’s quite new, he appeared about 18 months ago on the Es Castell Trading Estate.
Very nervous but getting slightly less so.  I caught him in a trap a few weeks ago and he was neutered. 
He has such a beautiful face. Where did he come from?

Now he waits every night , confidant that food will arrive. He lives here with a Tortie who has been here for many years and a Calico who had her teeth removed recently because of dental problems. She is now fully recovered.

Our Meals on Wheels Service!

We provide food and water for over 200 cats every day of the year.
Some are out in the country, some in the private gardens of villas in resorts. These are usually provided with hoppers and are filled once a week on average. But the many colonies of street cats in towns have to be fed daily as there is nowhere safe to leave food. Every month our food bill is over 500 euros , without counting the cost of food for cats with special needs.

I don’t usually put out a plea for donations more than once a month at most but we have had a lot of expense recently and really really do need your help. If you can and do want to donate it is quite easy to do so. Thank you for reading and apologies for asking again.

You can also Donate through our Virgin Money Giving

If you are a UK taxpayer and fill in a form for HMRC we can claim 25% in Gift Aid.
You only need to fill in the form once. If you donate through Virgin Giving they do it for us at no charge or you can email me at for a form.

Sometimes people have difficulty setting up a direct debit with Virgin Giving from a phone but it usually is fine with a laptop.

Tres de los gatos del Polígono de Es Castell. Vamos cada noche a dejarles comida. Algunos de los más de 200 gatos k alimentamos a diario.