My Little Friend Lulu A brave little cat


My little friend Lulu.
Such a brave little cat.
She came to me as a kitten at Christmas 2017.
Someone called to say a kitten had arrived at their house with bad eyes.
I said they should take her to a vet but they were going away and said they didn’t have time. 
Needless to say I couldn’t just leave her.
One eye was obviously beyond help. But we tried so hard to save the other one.
Sadly she’s now completely blind. She copes quite well.
Runs at me playfully in the garden.
Loves it when I pull up weeds out of the gravel as they make a noise.
Follows me around and trips me up.

Lulu, la pequeña Lulu. Vino a mi casa en Navidades 2017.
Era muy obvio k ya había perdido un ojo per intentamos salvarla el otro.
Pero no pudo ser y ahora es completamente ciega.
Pero se apaña muy bien.
Me sigue por todas partes y juega conmigo.