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Weekly Cat-ch UP

A many of you know, and have kindly donated to the fund already, we have been offered ‘A Matched Donation’ funding by the Swiss Charity NetAp up to the value of 3000 euros. There’s have to be new donations, not the regular donations that we receive from people every month and which we rely on for many things including some of the food for the 200 cats we feed every day.


Little Freda

Little Freda and her two brothers are looking for a loving forever home. She was the smallest of the litter and the most timid. Now she has gained confidence and likes to sit with you or my other older cats. She was found in an abandoned villa and would not have survived the summer which […]


Bert the legend of Zorro

Bert and his brother and sister are looking for new forever homes. They where found in an abandoned villa and would not have survived the heat of summer. He was the hardest to tame, feisty little boy and full of character. He gave into love in the end. His body was purring and his little […]

Harvey Mercadal Journey to Germany

He was picked off the streets of Mercadal by Sandra Bickley who has been caring for cats in the north of Menorca for many many years. August 17 2019 Today our wonderful Harvey Mercadal went to start a new life in Germany. It’s always such mixed emotions when a cat is adopted in a far […]

2020 Cats In Need Calendar Now available

For many years I have been a fan of The Archers. I joined the group Ambridge Addicts and from there found the newly formed Archers Cats I joined and mentioned some of my work a couple of times. Two of the Founders , Catrina Finlayson and Pat Fanning . actually came over in June to […]

Come & meet William IV Everybody is welcome

He might have a mournful expression but William IV will give you the most wonderful welcome if you come to see him. His greeting is to lean on your leg and slide slowly down to rest his head upside down on your feet. He opens his garden and home to you on Fridays from 11 […]