Harvey Mercadal Journey to Germany

He was picked off the streets of Mercadal by Sandra Bickley who has been caring for cats in the north of Menorca for many many years.

August 17 2019

Today our wonderful Harvey Mercadal went to start a new life in Germany. It’s always such mixed emotions when a cat is adopted in a far off land. Sadness when you know it’s unlikely that you’ll see them again but joy that someone wants them very much to adopt them.
We left home at 15.40 and by 22.30 he was being worshipped by his new slaves and looking extremely at home and relaxed.

Within moments of arriving in his new home he settled in and I have several heart warming photos to share that his new slaves sent me but to me this is THE ONE.
It made me smile.
Other photos to follow later.

Ayer un gato se fue a su nueva casa en Alemania. Nada mas llegar se puso cómodo. 
Hoy me han mandado este photo. 
Sin palabras.