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Little Lulu Her progress

And she’s home. Little Lulu having a last cuddle with her Vet. Operation successful and home now for lots of treats and love. For those of you who don’t know Lulu is blind in both eyes. She had a virus as a kitten. On Monday night she had blood pouring from her right eye. And […]


Found San Luis Anyone recognise her?

Se ha encontrado a esa gata en San Luis.  De momento la cuidan Lis vets de San Luis. Alguien la reconoce? Tiene la oreja cortada y es muy mansa. This cat has been found in San Luis and the vets there are taking care of her. She has her ear clipped and is friendly. Does […]


Found in A Vitamin Anyone recognize him?

Este gato ha aparecido en Son Vitamina hace un par de días. Es muy manso, muy hambriento y muy delgado. Alguien lo reconoce? Se pide difusión. Gracias. This cat has appeared in a vitamin a couple of days ago. He’s very meek, very hungry and very thin. Does anyone recognize him? Dissemination is requested. Thank […]


Two girls from Son Bou Looking for a Loving Home

The two little hooligans living in my bedroom. Two girls from Son Bou who looked like they might not survive. The tabby is totally adorable and over the top friendly and trusting. The little black one is getting leas nervous by the day. Won’t be long before she’s completely relaxed. They want to play all […]

Ginger found in Arenal Is someone missing him?

You’ve brought me my breakfast? Right? Ginger , Grandad Arenal. The ginger who was lying dehydrated under a car in Arenal some weeks back. I wish that I could have better information on this lovely cat. He was in terrible condition but there were conflicting stories about him , most saying that his owner had […]