Meet Wibbly Wobbly Looking for a new home


I have been trying to get a video of Wibbly Wobbly Wonky. Wonky for short.
She sprints around , at speed. She’s missing a back leg. Or most of it.
She turned up at a country house where there are other cats.
The lady wanted her taken away.
She found the idea of her difficult. She said to me “ you have lots of damaged cats “. 
She is a lovely lady, not alone in having problems with disabled cats.
She paid for Wonky to be spayed.
It turned out she was already newly pregnant but we did not know this.
So now she lives with me.
The first time I let her out she disappeared.
I wasn’t too bothered at first but the next day I was searching for her and found her on next doors roof.
Had to get the ladders out.
My vet thinks it’s a birth defect but he also agrees that my thoughts could also be valid – that her foot was chewed off by a rat when she was tiny.
Her stump is ragged.
So we’re off to my second home tonight ( the Vet’s clinic ) so that she can have her second vaccination and get her chipped and a passport in case she is lucky enough that someone in the UK might give her a wonderful home.
PS. Lousy video. 

She never stops.
So lovable. Just stopped for two minutes to sit on my lap.

No hay traducción de su nombre, Wonky.
Es un terremoto, no para a pesar de tener tan solo tres patas.
Podría ser un defecto de nacimiento, no parece ser de accidente.
El primer día k le deje salir al jardín desapareció y luego subió al techo de la casa de los vecinos, tuve k sacar las escaleras para bajarla.
Hacer un vídeo de ella es súper difícil dado que no se para en ningún momento