Come & meet William IV Everybody is welcome

He might have a mournful expression but William IV will give you the most wonderful welcome if you come to see him.

His greeting is to lean on your leg and slide slowly down to rest his head upside down on your feet.

He opens his garden and home to you on Fridays from 11 to 13 and Sundays from 11 to 13.30.
He has a little break for lunch at 12 and he’s always amazed at how many people want to take photographs.

Have they never seen 30 or more cats have lunch together with barely a cross word?
He lives at Noria Riera 16 , Es Castell. 

His slaves will make you a hot drink or serve you a cool drink, a beer maybe.
Left someone at home caring for your own cat? 

You might find them a little gift here, a china mug, a key ring, some mints in a tin, t towels, aprons. So much to choose from. And there’s a sale on at the moment. 

Or a beautiful greetings card. 

It all helps to pay for their food and for food for the 300 cats we feed daily, or more accurately nightly.