Ginger found in Arenal Is someone missing him?

You’ve brought me my breakfast? Right?
Ginger , Grandad Arenal.
The ginger who was lying dehydrated under a car in Arenal some weeks back.
I wish that I could have better information on this lovely cat.
He was in terrible condition but there were conflicting stories about him , most saying that his owner had died last year and that he was homeless but someone had cleaned his ears recently. 
Is someone missing him?
He’s not to be confused with he ginger picked up, literally, in Salgar on Wednesday night although they do look very similar.
Any useful information would be gratefully received.

El rubio de Arenal.
Estaba deshidratado y con muchas heridas cuando fui a buscarle hace unas semanas.
Hay gente k dice k era de una inglesa k murió el año pasado pero no se si le están confundiendo con una gata rubia k si era de esta señora.
Si alguien sabe algo de el me puede mandar un mensaje por favor