Every day some 200 cats are fed by our volunteers. Sometimes we have hoppers in private gardens that have to be filled just one day a week – the easiest – many are cats that gather around dustbins or simply in the street under parked cars. they get to know their carers, and the sound of their cars, or a call or rattle of keys – they soon learn. These cats have to be fed daily as there is nowhere to leave food and water. Quite often the cats are not in view but soon come running. There are many empty plots both in the resorts and towns and cats gather there. Our volunteers quite often have problems with the neighbours who object to the cats being fed and we explain to them that the cats are all neutered and that they need cats to keep down the vermin. Some of the Town halls now issue us with permits stating that we can care for the cats.

Neutered cats have the tip of an ear removed to show us that they are neutered and to some extent this helps to protect them from people who would do them harm

We calculate that a cat needs 80 to 100g of dried food per day. You could sponsor  a colony if you wished