You may have read my posts about the missing Siamese who broke out of his carrier when being taken by a lady from Alayor to our vet in Es Castell.  We assume that he is the one who has turned up for supper since Friday night at Monique’s house just round the corner from the Vet.
We had asked her to watch out for him just in case.
She rang Vet on Saturday morning to say that she had seen the cat.
So in Monday night I went round with trap but could only stay until 11.15.
Monique told me the next day that the Siamese was there at 11.30 and so was another newcomer.
They had words.  So back last night again.  At 11.30 this time.  Second cat under car.  Caught it.

Not sure whether Male or female but very angry.
Waited until 00.45 but no Siamese. Couldn’t stay awake any longer. Sitting on a doorstep nodding off!
So I m not going tonight. Will give Siamese chance to realise that the other cat is not there.
Meanwhile Micaela Otter has told me about 3 kittens living in a car park in Alayor.
She was quite concerned about them and their Mums.
So I went this morning and caught them.

They are now with our Vet for a few days to see how they are.
2 friendly ones , one frightened one.
I left a note for the lady who feeds them so that she would know that they were safe.
I asked her to call me.  She did whilst I was at the Vets with kittens. Asked me which Clínic I was in and she said that was the one she used.
Guess what. She’s the lady who lost the Siamese!  I know that we are in a small Island and that the cat world is a small one but even so ….
So more kittens to feed and care for.  I have worked out that it costs almost one euro per day per Kitten to give them the very high quality food that they need to thrive, particularly after a bad start in life.

These 3 kittens are quite seriously underweight. They are about 3 and a half months old, starting to change their teeth and are about 70 percent of their weight. One has diarrhoea.  So now that’s 17 kittens in our care at the moment.

Maybe you haven’t thought about donating to Cats in Need Menorca?
We really do need more help.
We have our loyal donors, many of who have supported us since we became a Charity And heartfelt thanks to them but our food bill is going to be horrendous with so many kittens. We vaccinate them all 3 Times to give them the best possible start in life and that alone is 57 euros each.
So can you help please?

You can also Donate through Virgin Money Giving at the top of this page, we have a UK Bank account with Barclays, 20 53 77 13280128

Donations For Vaccinations