Barney and Marpa now have a loving home waiting for them in the UK. Preparations are underway for their safe journey.

Meet the injured Mummy cat and her baby.
I was told about her by Gustavo.
He caught the baby but couldn’t catch Mum.

She’s very shy , in pain and was not eating.
As you may know I went on Wednesday night with liquid morphine and got her eating but she stayed under cats in the car park adjacent to where she lives with quite a lot of other cats.
They are true ferals , frightened of people and fierce.
I stayed for about 2 and a half hours but finally we gave up.

I went back alone on Thursday night, or rather not quite alone for I took her Kitten with me , poor soul crammed into a tiny cage.
Mummy looked quite pleased to see me and came trotting along the wall , then I think she remembered and went underneath a car.
I had left bowls of sardines laced with liquid morphine underneath her favourite cars.
It works very quickly.
I hadn’t even had time to set the manual trap so did it then, freshly roasted chicken and sardines and right at the back of the trap her baby.

Sadly although he was shouting she took no notice of him.
So I moved him after a while, put him in the van and set the automatic trap nearby and led a trail to it.
She kept going away but finally after more than an hour and a half I caught her. She went mad when I passed her to a cage.

For the first time I saw just how bad her ear was. It was torn in two with a great chunk missing and infected.
I took her home, putting her kitten at the side of her and he was trying to get to her but she’s not interested.
He’s a dear little soul, a bit wild but calming down by the day.
He was caught just in time before he would have been in danger of losing his eyes due to infection
So yesterday Mummy had her ear removed and was spayed at the same time.
We didn’t know it but she was already a few days pregnant again.
Believe me it is not a good place for cats.
She is making a good recovery. We have put them together but there is no bonding. I’ll have to let her out again very soon but can’t condemn kitty to living there.

Im sure you must realise how high our vets bills are. If you could help with a small donation to help us continue our work here is the info.

There is a Donate Now link to Virgin
Money Giving at the top of this page, we have a UK Bank account with Barclays, 20 53 77 13280128
and a PayPal account…
If you are a UK taxpayer and fill in a form for HMRC we can claim 25% in Gift Aid.
You only need to fill in the form once. If you donate through Virgin Giving they do it for us at no charge or you can email me at for a form.

Sometimes people have difficulty setting up a direct debit with Virgin Giving from a phone but it usually is fine with a laptop.

Una gata con oreja cortada casi por la mitad. Es de un parking de Alayor. Allí vive con su pequeño.
Ha costado mucho esfuerzo para cogerla pero al final se ha conseguido y ayer le hicieron una intervención para quitarle gran parte de la oreja y esterilizarla al mismo tiempo.
Lo triste es que su peque quiere estar con ella pero ella ya no tiene interés.

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