Three down but one very elusive shy fur baby still to catch.
She came out of the trees to look at me and went back in.
So far 7 sachets if Felix and nearly half a kilo of boiled ham and she hasn’t even approached the trap.
One sister and Siamese Mum must be feeling stuffed.
I always let them eat as much as they want in the hope that a shy one might go in at the same time or at least will think it’s safe to go and eat. 
It’s not going to be today after all. Shame it’s an hours round trip from my house plus catching time and I don’t have all the time in the world like I used to. 
Will have to leave soon to get Sister out of bed and give her dinner. Will have to come back tomorrow. Will try and come earlier when hopefully less traffic – can’t come when it’s dark as they are black cats and now it’s warmer they might be asleep earlier in the afternoon.
Mornings are impossible for me now. Used to be out 12 to 16 hours a day when necessary